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Shimano Sustain SUS2500HGFI Reel

Shimano Sustain FI Reels

Sustain is packed with a long list of high-end features which translates to serious performance. From bass to small billfish, Sustain is built with the power and rigidity to handle a wide variety of fishing challenges, while maintaining the refinement and light rotation that Sustain is known for. By combining our water repellent coating AND our specially designed, water channeling, labyrinth construction, X Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation. By utilizing the asymetrical, super-light, perfectly balanced design of the new Magnumlite Rotor, the Sustain requires very low inertia to start turning resulting in an immediate, light, smooth, rotational feel.

SKU Item name Weight Gear Ratio - High Max Drag at Full Line Retrieve Per Crank Price Qty
225912 Shimano Sustain SUS2500HGFI Reel 8.3oz. 6 20lb. 35.0" $299.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 120 yds./10 lb., 140 yds./8 lb., 200 yds./6 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 100 yds./30 lb., 145 yds./15 lb., 150 yds./10 lb.
225913 Shimano Sustain SUS3000HGFI Reel 7.9oz. 6 20lb. 35.0" $299.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 140 yds./10 lb., 170 yds./8 lb., 230 yds./6 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 105 yds./40 lb., 140 yds./20 lb., 200 yds./10 lb.
225914 Shimano Sustain SA4000XGFI Reel 10.1oz. 6.2 24lb. 39.0" $309.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 160 yds./12 lb., 200 yds./10 lb., 240 yds./8 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 150 yds./50 lb., 170 yds./30 lb., 280 yds./15 lb.
225915 Shimano Sustain SA5000XGFI Reel 10.1oz. 6.2 24lb. 41.0" $309.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 165 yds./14 lb., 195 yds./12 lb., 240 yds./10 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 160 yds./40 lb., 200 yds./30 lb., 220 yds./20 lb.