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Shimano Talica TAC8II Reel

Shimano Talica II Reels

Introducing the Shimano Talica TAC50II Reel - Power Beast to the Next Level! Max drag of 60 lbs. with Freespool, West Coast Rail Standing Special, Castable Design. Features include: • Compact, High Speed, Castable Leverdrag with High Capacity • E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection • 2 year warranty with online registration • One-Piece, Forged and Machined Aluminum Frame with E.I. • Machined Aluminum Handle-Side Forged Sideplate with E.I. • Forged, Machined Aluminum Spool with E.I. • 2-Speed HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) • 6 S A-RB (Shielded A-RB Bearings) • Lightweight Spool with Support Bearings for excellent Freespool • Removable Harness Lugs • Topless Design • Oversized Carbon Drag Washer for Ultra-High Drag Pressures • Waterproof Drag (when engaged) • Silent Triple-Pawl Anti-Reverse • Ergonomic Power Handle • Ratcheting Drag Lever • Preset Knob with Click • Clicker • Aluminum Rod Clamp • Approved for use in Saltwater • Rated for use with Hollow-Ace, PowerPro and Mono lines.

The Shimano Talica Story: #1 CASTABILITY - A truly light weight spool for casting small livebaits such as Anchovies and Sardines is a must. So we aggressively machine the spool to maximize weight savings while maintaining strength. We also created a way to minimize drag created by water between the spool and the frame. 'Chovies and 'Dines are very light, and traditionally, to cast these baits, good anglers would "bump" the spool during the cast to get the spool moving and avoid the bait from flying out, then suddenly getting jerked down by line not coming off of the spool and slapping hard on the surface of the water. We took this one step further in defining the ability of Talica to cast well to mean underhand to enhance bait persentation. Now that the chum line will not be unattainable even when casting underhand, imagine how much further overhand will get you.

#2 POWER - Cranking force is a hard thing to explain until you are handed a reel with the fish on the other end. The use of High Efficiency Gears in high and low speeds sets Talica apart from all reels currently offered in the market. The incredible power in low and in high is what makes Talica a joy to battle big fish with. No longer will you have to decide between power in low gear or speed in high gear. Talica is the best of both worlds and lets you save your energy for hoisting that cow up for a photo!

#3 DRAG - A smooth drag is very important and one that Shimano prides itself upon throughout the product line. Talica is no exception to this rule. However, being able to fish 3 or 4 line classes heavier than you would normally on a reel of its size makes Talica more fun to fish since you spend a lot less time fighting your tackle and more time fighting the fish. Even the smallest Talica, TAC8II, will fish 50# PowerPro with ease!

#4 COMPACT - When you first lay your eyes on a Talica it's intriguing. When you feel what it's capable of it's amazing! An incredible amount of testing for ergonomics went into the design process of this reel and the feel of it confirms this. (We went through over 5 different gearbox angles and shapes before we were happy with it!) Don't let Talica's small stature and lightweight fool you, this reel is a beast!

SKU Item name Weight Gear Ratio - Low Gear Ratio - High Line Retrieve Per Crank - Low Line Retrieve Per Crank - High Max Drag at Full Max Drag at Strike Price Qty
226380 Shimano Talica TAC8II Reel 18.2oz. 4.1:1 6.2:1 25.0" 38.0" 20.0lb. 13.0lb. $499.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 185 yds./25 lb., 200 yds./20 lb., 280 yds./15 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 235 yds./65 lb.
Line spooling options:
226388 Shimano Talica TAC20IICAM Reel 32.3oz. 2.3:1 5.2:1 20.0" 46.0" 45lb. 30lb. $639.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 260 yds./50 lb., 320 yds./40 lb., 470 yds./30 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 435 yds./100 lb., 575 yds./80 lb., 725 yds./65 lb.
Line spooling options: