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Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ30 Reel

Penn Torque Star Drag Reels

Penn Torque Star Drag Reels contain Line Capacity Rings which eliminate the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish. The three lines on the spool flange let you know when you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd, or a full spool of line. Also, if you respool often these lines give you a benchmark for backing your superlines with monofilament which will help eliminate wasted time and lines. You can easily adjust the clicker to three settings, heavy, light, or off. Switchblade harness lugs give you all the benefits of traditional lugs without the risk of grabbing loose line and potentially breaking off fish. When the lugs are not in use they remain flush with the reel frame, when you need them they easily pop up with the tip of your finger. The other benefit of the proprietary Switchblade harness lugs is basic ergonomics. Lets face it, harness lugs can be uncomfortable when you are palming the reel on the cast retrieve. If you don't plan to use the lugs then stow them in the down position and you have one of the most ergonomic casting reels on the market (included on 40 size only). Features include: Machined and anodized aluminum body and sideplates, Lightweight forged aluminum spool, Stainless steel main and pinion gear, Live spindle with free floating spool, Versa-Drag system with HT-100 washers, 7 sealed stainless steel ball bearings, Instant anti-reverse bearing with silent back up ratchet, Three position adjustable bait clicker, and Switchblade harness lugs on 40 size only.

The Penn Torque Star Drag Reels in BLACK have been discontinued. Sizes available as displayed. All sales on clearance items are final. No returns will be accepted.

SKU Item name Weight Gear Ratio - High Max Drag at Full Frame Color Line Retrieve Per Crank Price Qty
839551G Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ12 Reel 16.6oz. 6.0:1 25lb. Gold 28.0" $449.95
  Line Capacity - Mono: 230 yds./15 lb., 260 yds./12 lb., 360 yds./10 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 320 yds./30 lb., 420 yds./20 lb., 525 yds./15 lb.
839552G Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ15 Reel 16.9oz. 6.0:1 25lb. Gold 28.0" $449.95
  Line Capacity - Mono: 190 yds./20 lb., 280 yds./15 lb., 320 yds./12 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 270 yds./50 lb., 380 yds./30 lb., 500 yds./20 lb.
839553G Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ25 Reel 19.5oz. 6.0:1 25lb. Gold 29.0" $479.95
  Line Capacity - Mono: 220 yds./30 lb., 290 yds./25 lb., 320 yds./20 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 370 yds./65 lb., 450 yds./50 lb., 650 yds./30 lb.
839554G Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ30 Reel 21.9oz. 6.0:1 25lb. Gold 32.0" $499.95
  Line Capacity - Mono: 250 yds./40 lb., 300 yds./30 lb., 440 yds./20 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 440 yds./80 lb., 500 yds./65 lb., 625 yds./50 lb.
839555G Penn Torque Star Drag TRQ40 Reel 22.3oz. 6.0:1 25lb. Gold 32.0" $499.95
  Line Capacity - Mono: 220 yds./50 lb., 300 yds./40 lb., 350 yds./30 lb.
Line Capacity - Braid: 525 yds./80 lb., 600 yds./65 lb., 725 yds./50 lb.