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Shimano Waxwing 168-Daddy - 168mm - Golden Yellow

Shimano Waxwing Jigs

Shimano Waxwing Jigs look radically different than anything on the market today. These patent pending subsurface jigs swim with a kick that absolutely drives fish nuts. Though the kick is reminiscent of our beloved iron jigs, the look is a radical departure. Shimano Waxwing Jigs derive the seductive zigzag motion from the upper wing, while the lower wing acts as a rudder to prevent rolling. Fishing the Shimano Waxwing Jig is extremely easy. Simply cast and reel in. That's it. The Anglers Center staff had the opportunity to field test Shimano Waxwing Jigs with great success off the Southern California coast. These lures are very durable and feature a paint finish that holds up quite well to fish bites, rocks, etc. The Waxwing Jigs feature incredibly sharp double tinned Owner hooks. One of the amazing attributes to this lure is the fact that kelp and structure tangles are far and few between due to the fact that the hooks are upward facing versus a traditional iron jig that features a treble hook or single siwash hook. In our field testing, not one lure was lost in kelp or seaweed. Now available in 4 sizes to cover all in shore and off shore applications.

Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Mackerel
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
669990 Baby - 68mm/2.68" 1/2oz. $14.99
670001 Boy - 88mm/3.5" 7/8oz. $17.99
670015 Jr. - 118mm/4.65" 1 1/2oz. $19.99
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Pink/White
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
669997 Baby - 68mm/2.68" 1/2oz. $14.99
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Chrome
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
670023 Jr. - 118mm/4.65" 1 1/2oz. $19.99
Live Squid
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Live Squid
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
670173 Daddy - 168mm/6.6" 4.4oz. $22.99 $19.48
Golden Yellow
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Golden Yellow
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
670172 Daddy - 168mm/6.6" 4.4oz. $22.99 $19.48
Purple Black
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Purple Black
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
670174 Daddy - 168mm/6.6" 4.4oz. $22.99 $19.48
Ghost Blue Shad
Shimano Waxwing Jigs - Ghost Blue Shad
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228773 Boy - 88mm/3.5" 7/8oz. $17.99
228775 Jr. - 118mm/4.65" 1 1/2oz. $19.99