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Shimano Orca Jig

Shimano Orca Jig

SP-Orca is a new Sinking Pencil Lure from Shimano. Cast into busting fish on surface whether it's Tuna, Yellowtail, Dorado, or Striped Bass. The SP-Orca was designed to be fished sub-surface. Let the Orca sink to the desired depth and give the rod a jerk. After the jerk, flip the bail open to let it free fall back down. Repeat that motion until you are out of the bite zone. The SP-Orca is designed to slowly sink in a horizontal position, roll and wobble when jerked, imitating an injured baitfish.

Shimano Orca Jig arriving from Japan, the best top-water lure in it's class! Features include: •Efficient aerodynamic design creates a long powerful cast •The proprietary internal weight position produces an erratic pop & dive action •Ultra sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks secure your catch •Floating

Chart Back Silver
Shimano Orca Jig - Chart Back Silver
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228711 140mm/5.5" Sinking 58g/2.05oz. $25.99
228719 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
Clear Silver
Shimano Orca Jig - Clear Silver
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228712 140mm/5.5" Sinking 58g/2.05oz. $25.99
228720 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
670347 160mm/6.25" Floating 58g/2.05oz. $24.99
670353 190mm/7.5" Floating 88g/3.10oz. $29.99
Ghost Fish
Shimano Orca Jig - Ghost Fish
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228713 140mm/5.5" Sinking 58g/2.05oz. $25.99
228721 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
Green Mack
Shimano Orca Jig - Green Mack
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228714 140mm/5.5" Sinking 58g/2.05oz. $25.99
670354 190mm/7.5" Floating 88g/3.10oz. $29.99
Purple Gold
Shimano Orca Jig - Purple Gold
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228716 140mm/5.5" Sinking 58g/2.05oz. $25.99
228724 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
670350 160mm/6.25" Floating 58g/2.05oz. $24.99
670356 190mm/7.5" Floating 88g/3.10oz. $29.99
Blue Sardine
Shimano Orca Jig - Blue Sardine
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228718 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
670346 160mm/6.25" Floating 58g/2.05oz. $24.99
Black Silver
Shimano Orca Jig - Black Silver
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228723 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
670349 160mm/6.25" Floating 58g/2.05oz. $24.99
670355 190mm/7.5" Floating 88g/3.10oz. $29.99
Pink Silver
Shimano Orca Jig - Pink Silver
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
228725 145mm/5.75" Floating 47g/1.66oz. $24.99
670351 160mm/6.25" Floating 58g/2.05oz. $24.99
670357 190mm/7.5" Floating 88g/3.10oz. $29.99