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Shimano Lucanus Jig Packs

Shimano Lucanus Jig Packs

Once again, Anglers Center has done the heavy lifting and assembled the perfect Jig Kits according to your specific Lucanus Jigging application. We have put together five different Shimano Lucanus Jig Kits that can be utilized according to the water depth and conditions.

Replacement Skirts: --, (12)Replacement Skirt Packs (2 each color)
Jigs: (6)60g/2 oz, (6)80g/3 oz, (6)100g/3.5 oz, (6)150g/5.25 oz, (6)150g/5.25 oz, (6)200g/7 oz, (4)100g/3.5 oz, (4)150g/5.25 oz, (4)200g/7 oz, (2)60g/2oz, (2)80g/3oz, (2)100g/3.5oz, (3)150g/5.25oz,(3)200g/7oz
Storage: (2)Plano Boxes, (1)Jig Keeper Pack, (2)Plano Boxes