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Halco Giant Trembler - H8

Halco Giant Trembler

The GT is one of the most rugged, robust lures of its type in the world. The noise of the rattles and the tight fast action, make for an awesome trolling lure for pelagic species. Troll at 3 - 15 knots, although 7 - 9 knots is optimum for Tuna and Mackerel. Use this lure to troll your favourite spots or use it as a searching lure and cover vast tracts of ocean - quickly. To obtain maximum speed the towing point may require tuning. If at high speed the lure track a little to the right (when looking at the lure), retrieve the lure and use pliers to bend the towing point to the left, not more than 0.25mm at a time. As with tuning all fixed towing point lures - the rule is bend the towing point in the direction you want it to swim. The GT Jig is a heavier version of the Giant Trembler. The extra weight enables the lure not only to be trolled but to be jigged vertically near the bottom for demersal species or dropped to the bottom and retrieved back to the surface at speed to cover all levels of the water column that may be holding fish.

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Red Tiger
Halco Giant Trembler - Red Tiger
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807029 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807037 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Halco Giant Trembler - Baitfish
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807030 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807038 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Golden Green
Halco Giant Trembler - Golden Green
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807031 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807039 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Fluoro Green
Halco Giant Trembler - Fluoro Green
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807032 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807040 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
White Red Head
Halco Giant Trembler - White Red Head
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807033 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807041 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Halco Giant Trembler - Bonito
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807034 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807042 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Halco Giant Trembler - Yellowfin
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807035 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99
807043 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Chrome Pink
Halco Giant Trembler - Chrome Pink
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807036 178mm/7.01" 178g/6.28oz. $26.99
Halco Giant Trembler - FIFO
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
807140 178mm/7.01" 125g/4.41oz. $26.99