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Tuna Mudflaps

Tuna Mudflaps

The Tuna Mudflaps are designed to mimic the silhouette of a Tuna. Swims flat (about 90% of the time) enabling predators to see it from far below. The Tuna Mudflap pulls little drag for the size that they are. They don’t weed up easily making them an excellent bridge teaser. Due to the slender profile of these teasers you are able to get them away from large, hungry Blue Marlin. The Tuna Mudflap is constructed out of extremely flexible material that has a tensile strength of 700lbs per square inch which makes them very durable, tear resistant and enables them to take a beating by all sea monsters. They can be run surface or subsurface. Paintable if prepped properly. This style teaser has raised many Marlin from Granders to peanuts in Bermuda, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific. This teaser is a must in any spread either solo or in school. After much research Marlin Mudflaps designed a large teaser which pulls light and offers the billfish a realistic silhouette of a tuna. Because size really does matter. The material used to make their teasers is extremely durable. It can withstand countless blue marlin encounters. The teasers are designed to pull flat and mimic a tuna. After many years of trial and error they designed several different styles of silhouette teasers. Proven Results - In the short amount of time that their teasers have been on the market, they have contributed to over $2million dollars in winnings. Some of the best tournament fisherman in the world are pulling these teasers. There are many different ways to pull these Mudflaps: Pull the teaser alone, Rig a bird in front of the teaser, Run with a slanthead/flathead lure in front of a teaser, Run behind bowling pins, Pull these teasers as a tuna chain, Run in front of a fender, and many other countless ways.

Quantity: 1, 6

SKU Item name Dimensions Price Qty
898166 Marlin Mudflaps "Lucky 13 Mudflap" - 13" x 5" 13" x 5" $11.99
898170 Marlin Mudflaps "Lucky 13 Mudflap" w/Double Grommet - 13" x 5" - $12.99
898169 Marlin Mudflaps "Lucky 13 Mudflap" - 13" x 5" - 6 Dredge Pack 13" x 5" $69.99
898165 Marlin Mudflaps The Tuna Mudflap - 18" x 7 1/2" 18" x 7 1/2" $29.99
898164 Marlin Mudflaps The Tuna Mudflap - 24" x 9 1/2" 24" x 9 1/2" $64.99
898163 Marlin Mudflaps The Tuna Mudflap - 36" x 14 1/2" 36" x 14 1/2" $149.99
898161 Marlin Mudflaps The Tuna Mudflap - 48" x 18 1/2" 48" x 18 1/2" $229.99