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Jerry Brown Non-Hollow Spectra

Jerry Brown Non-Hollow Spectra

Jerry Brown Industries provides outstanding Line One Braided Spectra Fishing Line. Spectra is patented and trade-marked. There are imitators which are similar but not equal. They usually have lower tensile strength and lower abrasion resistance; they can not be labeled Spectra. Spectra itself can be furnished in many different diameter fibers to suit the particular application. The smaller the fiber diameter, the stronger it is but the more costly it is. Finer diameter fibers also result in a much smoother hand-feel in the braided product. Neither Spectra nor knock-offs can be dyed directly. Colored lines are fabricated from the natural white fibers by adding color to a coating. At Line One, they use a special thin polymer coating. Lower quality lines use a cheaper, thicker wax coating prone to flaking.  Solid Braid Line One Spectra from Jerry Brown is the preferred braid of many professional fishermen.


SKU Item name Pound Test Line Color Spool Length Spectra Type Price Qty
201392 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 200lb. - 600 yd. 200lb. White 600yds. Solid $139.99
201445 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 80lb. - 1200 yd. 80lb. Hi-Vis Yellow 1200yds. Solid $188.69 $188.69
201432 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 200lb. - 1200 yd. 200lb. White 1200yds. Solid $269.99
201465 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 30lb. - 2500 yd. 30lb. White 2500yds. Solid $249.99 $249.99
201485 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 80lb. - 2500 yd. 80lb. Hi-Vis Yellow 2500yds. Solid $392.99 $392.99
201502 Jerry Brown Spectra - Non-Hollow - 100lb. - 2500 yd. 100lb. Blue 2500yds. Solid $249.99 $249.99