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Reel Crankies - #1 - Fits: TI12-80W - TLD20, 30, & 50II & TYRNOS 12II, 16II, 20II & 30II

Reel Crankies

Reel Crankies engineering features include: The tool body is made from aircraft quality 6061 billet (block) aluminum. Internal hardware is made of a durable corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel for salt and fresh water use. Design: Our Reel Crankie is designed to be attached directly to the existing reel handle mechanism. You simply slide it on and rotate the gold-knurled-ring to lock onto reel. Quick on and off. The 15 degree flexible shaft, with universal type joint, extending from the Reel Crankie is then attached to a hand-held 3/8 in., battery powered drill. This quick-action design gives you the ability to use the Reel Crankie in a rocking boat or a situation where you want to crank line back on your reel a deep depth. Off-shore fishermen are using the Reel Crankie for deep-dropping with Swordfish, Snapper, and Grouper. The small size and portability allows you to re-spool your reel at home or on the boat. One size fits a number of similar model reels from the same maker. This product is not used to fight the fish, only to retrieve the bait and drop-weight so as not to have to manually re-wind the line back on the reel from a deep depth.

SKU Item name Model Price Qty
867022 Reel Crankies - TALICA: TALICA 20/25/50 #13 $199.99
  Fits: TALICA 20II/25II/50II
867010 Reel Crankies - #1 - Fits: TI12-80W - TLD20, 30, & 50II & TYRNOS 12II, 16II, 20II & 30II #1 $189.99
  Fits: TI12-80W - TLD20, 30 & 50II & TYRNOS 12II, 16II, 20II & 30II
867015 Reel Crankies - #8 - Fits: Penn 70VS & 80VS #8 $159.99
  Fits: Penn 70VS & 80VS
867016 Reel Crankies - #9 - Fits: Penn 30VS & 50VS #9 $159.99
  Fits: Penn 30VS & 50VS