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Penn Reel Covers

Penn Reel Covers

Penn Reel Covers feature the famous Penn logo and are available in a variety of sizes to suit most Penn Reels on the market today. Penn Neoprene Reel Covers are composed of a super thick and durable 5mm neoprene material and feature triple stitched seams, eliminating runs and tears often seen in lesser quality reel covers. Penn Reel Covers stay securely fastened with Velcro closures and lug cut-out slots (on all but size XXS) allow for easy storage and a better fit for Penn trolling reels.

SKU Item name Size Price Qty
511983 Penn XXSMRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Extra Extra Small - Black Extra Extra Small $14.99
  Fits: TRQ200, TRQ100, TRQ100LD, 965, 975, 975CS, 975CSLD, 975SLD, 112H, 310GTI, 310GT2, 525MAG, 525GS, 535GS, 545GS, 500L, 320GTI, 320GT2, 320LD, 555GS
511984 Penn XSMRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Extra Small - Black Extra Small $14.99
  Fits: TRQ300,TRQ300LD
511985 Penn SMLRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Small - Black Small $14.99
  Fits: 30VSX, 16VSX, 16VS, 30TW, 30T, 20T, 16S, 12LT, 10KG, 113, 113H, 113H2, 113HSP, 113HLW, 113H2LW, 113HN, 113MTL, GLD20II, 10LD, 220, 230, GLD20, 15LD, 330GTI, 330GT2, 330LD
511986 Penn MEDRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Medium - Black Medium $14.99
  Fits: 50VSX, 30VSW, 30VW, 50S, 50T, 50ST, 30SW, 30TW, 30T, 30S, 114, 114H, 114HLW, 340GTI, 340GT2, 345GTI, 345GT2, 15KG, GLD30, GLD30II, 24KG
511987 Penn LRGRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Large - Black Large $14.99
  Fits: 70VS,50VSW,50VW,70VSL,50SW,50S,50TW,115L,GLD50II,116L
511988 Penn XLGRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Extra Large - Black XL $19.99
  Fits: 80VSW,80TW,80T,80STW,80ST
511989 Penn XXLRC Neoprene Reel Cover - Extra Extra Large - Black 2XL $19.99
  Fits: 130VSX,130ST,117L