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Miya Epoch Command X-6Z Electric Reel

Miya Epoch Electric Reels

Miya Epoch made the first electric fishing reel over 30 years ago and since then have sold thousands of electronic fishing reels to sport and commercial fishermen around the globe. Miya Epoch electric reels are used for trolling, jigging, deep-drop bottom fishing, and as teaser reels for nearly every big game species in the world. Miya Epoch reels are more than just motorized conventional reels. Each reel is made as one unit, each is factory balanced, engineered and assembled ensuring quality and durability not found in any other range of electric reels. Command X-15 The largest and most powerful reel in the Miya Epoch Command series, the Command X-15 reel is the ultimate deep sea trolling and deep-drop bottom fishing electric reel. Command X-8Z The best “all-around” electric reel in the Miya Epoch range, the Command X-8 was designed for use by either novice or experienced fishermen. Perfect for both deep-drop bottom fishing or big game trolling. US-9R The US-9R Micro-Wench should be your first choice for either a teaser or kite reel (also well suited to deep-drop applications). Can be controlled by either the control panel mounted on the reel, or by remote control.

Power Source: 12V, 24V

SKU Item name Price Qty
009816 Miya Epoch Command X-6Z Electric Reel $1,049.99
851606 Miya Epoch US-6 Electric Reel $1,149.99
851607 Miya Epoch US-8 Electric Reel $1,859.99
851602 Miya Epoch Command X-8Z Electric Reel $1,899.99
851604 Miya Epoch Command X-9HP Electric Reel $2,399.99
851603 Miya Epoch US-9R w/Cord Electric Reel $3,899.99
851605 Miya Epoch US-9R w/Wireless Remote Electric Reel $3,799.99
851601 Miya Epoch Command X-15SP Electric Reel $3,999.99
851611 Miya Epoch Super US-18 Electric Reel (Teaser & Dredge) $4,999.00
851612 Miya Epoch Super US-29 Electric Reel (Tuna Special) $5,995.00
851613 Miya Epoch Super US-39 Electric Reel (Lightweight Reel) $6,695.00