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Duel Big Game Reels

Duel Big Game Reels

Duel's patented, automatic gearbox provides the angler with unmatched control. Sealed in an oil bath, the stainless gears require no maintenance what-so-ever. By simply reversing the rotation direction of the handle, a different gear ratio is engaged and therefore a different recovery speed. Clockwise, the handle gives a rapid recovery. Counter-clockwise, the recovery is slow but powerful. In every position the spool is always firm, without the paly and the "returns" typical of other systems. The Duel double speed gear mechanism is so unique it's patented. All Duel Reels feature a multiple disc clutch built of stainless steel and carbon fiber. This carbon figer construction guarantees uniformity of performance under extreme heat. The lever drag adjustment offers an infinite range of drag settings for precise accuracy. A unique stop pin also keeps the spool from being accidentally dropped into freespool, a valuable asset for anglers of all skill levels. Anglers Center's WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD ON DUEL REELS!

SKU Item name Weight Gear Ratio - Low Gear Ratio - High Frame Color Price Qty
866020 Duel Big Game 20L Reel - Gold 39.0oz. -- 4:1 Gold $499.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 750 yds./20 lb.
  Add Duel 20L Spare Spool
866025 Duel Big Game 2.5/0 Reel - Gold 49.0oz. 1.5:1 3.4:1 Gold $849.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 750 yds./20 lb.
  Add Duel 2.5/0 Spare Spool
866040 Duel Big Game 4/0 Reel - Gold 58.0oz. 1.4:1 3.4:1 Gold $949.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 800 yds./30 lb.
  Add Duel 4/0 Spare Spool
866041 Duel Big Game 4/0W Reel - Gold 61.0oz. 1.4:1 3.4:1 Gold $1,049.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 950 yds./30 lb.
  Add Duel 4/0W Spare Spool
866060 Duel Big Game 6/0 Reel - Gold 72.0oz. 1.4:1 3.4:1 Gold $1,099.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 850 yds./50 lb.
  Add Duel 6/0 Spare Spool
866061 Duel Big Game 6/0W Reel 77.0oz. 1.4:1 3.4:1 $1,199.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 1000 yds./50 lb.
  Add Duel 6/0W Spare Spool
866090 Duel Big Game 9/0 Reel 117.0oz. 1.2:1 3:1 $1,399.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 850 yds./80 lb.
  Add Duel 9/0 Spare Spool
866091 Duel Big Game 9/0W Reel 124.0oz. 1.2:1 3:1 $1,549.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 1000 yds./80 lb.
  Add Duel 9/0W Spare Spool
866120 Duel Big Game 12/0 Reel - Gold 138.0oz. 1:1 2.5:1 Gold $1,749.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 850 yds./130 lb.
  Add Duel 12/0 Spare Spool
866121 Duel Big Game 12/0W Reel - Gold 145.0oz. 1:1 2.5:1 Gold $1,899.99
  Line Capacity - Mono: 970 yds./130 lb.
  Add Duel 12/0W Spare Spool

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