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Pakula Dojo Peche Sprocket Soft Head

Pakula Dojo Peche Sprocket Soft Head

The Pakula Sprocket is a legendary Lure. It has been in Marlin Magazine's top 10 Lures of all time both times it has been released. The Sprocket is a long rigger lure, particularly in the colour Lumo If you are only ever going to take one piece of advice from us then it's “Run the Lumo Sprocket on the long rigger, and leave it there!” Around half of all the advertised successes on Pakula Lures are with this lure in this position. It may not catch fish for a while, but when it starts working nothing else will come close except for The Sprocket in Evil Angel colours run on the Long Corner which statistically five times the success of the Lumo. The Sprocket has a tight swimming action works in most sea conditions at any trolling speed. It is totally irresistible.

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