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Marlinstar Medium Tomahawk

Marlinstar Medium Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is an exciting lure to watch as it swims realistically on the surface only to disappear to depths well below any bubble trails or prop wash. As the lure climbs back to the surface, it leaves huge plumes of “smoke” in its path. Once back to the surface the Tomahawk will send fans of spray upward resuming in its sub-surface course in which it pops to the surface every six seconds or so depending on your trolling speed. Underwater, the head of the Tomahawk is engulfed by a massive bubble resulting in the magnification of color and flash. The interesting thing about this lure is how much action it puts into the spread. In a spread with straight running lures this is the one that absolutely is going richter! The swimming action as opposed to a “wiggling” movement seems to peak the curiosity of all pelagics to a point that the strikes are downright savage! But I believe the most unique feature of the Tomahawk is the depths in which it will reach. All Marlinstar lures are hand made, one of a kind. Lure color and specific detail may vary.

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