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Williamson Gomoku Jigs

Williamson Gomoku Jigs

The long symmetrical shape produces an erratic action with a fast to very fast retrieve. High quality foiled finishes add flash and attraction to the amazing action. Good for all kinds of pelagic fish: Tuna, Trevally, Sea Bass, Spanish Mackerel and Kings. Features: • Embedded Life-Like Foil Finish • Extra Strong VMC Treble Hook *Click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge image

Blue Sardine
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Blue Sardine
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715401 70mm/2.75" 20g/0.75oz. $5.49
53715501 76mm/3" 30g/1oz. $5.99
53715601 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49
53715701 95mm/3.75" 60g/2oz. $6.99
Holographic Chartreuse Glow
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Holographic Chartreuse Glow
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715402 70mm/2.75" 20g/0.75oz. $5.49
53715602 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49
Hot Pink
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Hot Pink
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715403 70mm/2.75" 20g/0.75oz. $5.49
53715503 76mm/3" 30g/1oz. $5.99
53715603 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49
Black Purple
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Black Purple
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715404 70mm/2.75" 20g/0.75oz. $5.49
53715504 76mm/3" 30g/1oz. $5.99
53715604 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Pearl
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715406 70mm/2.75" 20g/0.75oz. $5.49
53715606 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49
Olive Green
Williamson Gomoku Jigs - Olive Green
SKU Length Weight PRICE QTY
53715505 76mm/3" 30g/1oz. $5.99
53715605 83mm/3.25" 40g/1.5oz. $6.49