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Big Hammer Swimbaits

Big Hammer Swimbaits

Big Hammer swimbaits are easily recognized by the original Big Hammer Square Tail design. This unique Square Tail combined with hydrodynamic body designs create an unparalleled vibrant swimming action even at very slow retrieve speeds. Using the finest quality plastic available creates a bait that is not only beautifully crisp and clear but also has the perfect balance between durability and action. Freshwater or saltwater, anytime of year, tie one on and see for yourself how "Nothing kicks like the tail of a Big Hammer".

Why do Big Hammer Swimbaits Have Better Action? You've heard claims that Big Hammer swimbaits are better than other swimbaits, or more specifically, they have better action than other swimbaits. While there is no better proof than simply testing the baits yourself I thought I might elaborate a bit. My love of Big Hammer began in 1998 when I started inshore fishing for California Halibut using swimbaits. I had never fished a swimbait before and didn't know much about them. I asked a friend which one he liked the best and he said, "Buy a couple of each brand and watch what they do in the water. Pay close attention not only to the tail action but also to the body action." I did exactly what he said and from the first day I was sold on Big Hammer, and began my nearly decade long "research project" into why they swim better.

With swimbaits action should be looked at in two parts: tail and body. Tail action is important but one of the main features of a swimbait is that the body actually "swims" like a fish, or "snakes" through the water with a tantalizing, realistic "wiggling" and "wobbling" motion.

The body action or "swimming motion" is just as important, if not more important, than the tail action. But surprisingly, body action is often overlooked. In fact, if my friend had not told me to pay attention to both the tail and body action I am sure I would have focused on what the tail was doing and not what the body was doing during the retrieve.

There are two elements about the Big Hammer design that I believe gives them such great action. First, and probably the most obvious is Big Hammer's original Square Tail design. The reason the Big Hammer tail design creates better action is simple - more surface area that the water has to push around. The tail being the same width at the top where it meets the body and at the bottom is one of the key elements - especially in how the tail moves at slow speeds. Water flowing down the side of swimbait will speed up and create lift, much like air over the top of an airfoil (airplaine wing). When this happens that faster moving water hits the wide tail at the top of the bait creating much more action than if the tail was thin at the top or oval shaped.

The second element that gives Big Hammer swimbaits that realistic swimiming and rocking action is the hydrodynamic shape of the body. Countless hours of testing, shaping, and re-testing went into the design of Big Hammer swimbaits, finally achieving the perfect balance of swimming action and side to side "rocking" action. Years of testing and research of the 3, 4, and 5 inch Big Hammer swimbaits went into the design of the 5.5 and 6.5 inch in models. And from the 5.5 inch the new 9 inch Sledge Hammer (which is simply an elongated version of the 5.5 inch). The result was, as always, that perfect blend of swimming, rocking, and tail action.  Match these Swimbaits with the appropriate Big Hammer Jig Heads

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572 Big Hammer Swimbaits - 3" 3.00" .1oz. $0.59
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5721 Big Hammer Swimbaits - 5" 5.00" .5oz. $1.39
572 Big Hammer Swimbaits - 6.5" 6.50" 1oz. $1.89
572 Big Hammer Swimbaits - 9" 9.00" Sledge Hammer 1.3oz. $2.89