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TACGLUE Tactical Adhesive

TACGLUE Tactical Adhesive

TACGLUE contains a patented Flashset technology, developed to be one of the fastest set times available in any adhesive. TACGLUE is an anaerobic adhesive, it will not dry in the bottle if left opened. Its bond sets with a lack of oxygen, which is the reason for its extreme cure speed. The longest shelf life with most getting over 3 + years (keep refrigerated for max shelf life). Can be used on virtually all materials including metal, plastic, wood, tile, rubber etc. This thin formula does not need mixing; unless the use with baking soda is needed to create a filler. Primary benefits include: Flexible (o rings etc) Water proof (swim-baits, custom lure making, boating etc.) Heat resistant even in cases of using around ATV equipment, cars, boats, etc. No bottle dry outs One part: uses of accelerators or kickers "NOT NEEDED" Cure Speed Instant: NO LAG TIME Versatility: REPLACE ALL CONSUMER BASED GLUES

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20190 TACGLUE Tactical Adhesive $9.99