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DaHo Braided Line Threading Needles

DaHo Braided Line Threading Needles

DaHo Needles offer complete splicing, loop and threading needles for making connections with braided line. Building wind on leaders and top shots are made easy with these quality needles. Hollow needle construction allows the mono to be inserted the length of the needle, then the needle is inserted into the hollow braid. Available here as individual needles. Latch needles and Loop needles also available and make splicing loops and joining braided lines together much easier. All needles are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel and are built for durability and longevity.

SKU Item name Price Qty
917003 40 to 50# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N05026 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.6", OD Size:.036"/.900mm, ID Size:.026"/.670mm, Spectra Sizes:#60 to #130
917004 50 to 60# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N06032 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.7", OD Size:.042"/1.06mm, ID Size:.032"/.810mm Spectra Sizes:#80 to #130
917005 60 to 80# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N08038 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.8", OD Size:.050"/1.27mm, ID Size:.038"/.960mm, Spectra Sizes:#100 to #300
917006 80 to 100# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N10042 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.9", OD Size:.050"/1.27mm, ID Size:.042"/1.06mm, Spectra Sizes:#100 to #300
917007 100 to 130# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N13047 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.0", OD Size:.058"/1.48mm, ID Size:.047"/1.19mm, Spectra Sizes:#130 to #300
917008 130 to 150# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N15053 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.1", OD Size:.065"/1.65mm, ID Size:.053"/1.35mm, Spectra Sizes:#200 and up
917009 150 to 200# Mono Threading Needle - Model: N20060 $14.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.2", OD Size:.072"/1.83mm, ID Size:.060"/1.50mm, Spectra Sizes:#200 and up
917000 10 to 20# Mono Small Threading Needle - Model: N02017 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.3", OD Size:.025"/.635mm, ID Size:.017"/.430mm, Spectra Sizes:Up to #60
917001 20 to 30# Mono Small Threading Needle - Model: N03020 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.4", OD Size:.028"/.710mm, ID Size:.020"/.510mm, Spectra Sizes:Up to #80
917002 30 to 40# Mono Small Threading Needle - Model: N04023 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:5.5", OD Size:.032"/.810mm, ID Size:.023"/.580mm, Spectra Sizes:Up to #80
917010 200 to 300# Mono Big Threading Needle - Model: N30067 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.3", OD Size:.083"/2.11mm, ID Size:.067"/1.70mm, Spectra Sizes:#300 and up
917011 300 to 400# Mono Big Threading Needle - Model: N40077 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.4", OD Size:.095"/2.41mm, ID Size:.077"/1.96mm, Spectra Sizes:#400 and up
917012 400 to 500# Mono Big Threading Needle - Model: N50091 $15.99
  Details: Tube Length:6.5", OD Size:.109"/2.77mm, ID Size:.091"/2.31mm, Spectra Sizes:#500 and up
917014 Large Loop Splicing Needle - Model: LS0500 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.500"/1.27mm, Braided Line Sizes:#130 to #300
917015 Medium Loop Splicing Needle - Model: LS0420 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.420"/1.06mm, Braided Line Sizes:#80 to #200
917016 Small Loop Splicing Needle - Model: LS0355 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.0355"/.90mm, Braided Line Sizes:#60 to #130
917018 Braided Line Large Reverse Latch Needle - Model: RL0500 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.050"/1.27mm, Braided Line Sizes:#130 to #300
917019 Braided Line Medium Reverse Latch Needle - Model: RL0420 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.042"/1.06mm, Braided Line Sizes:#80 to #100
917020 Braided Line Small Reverse Latch Needle - Model: RL0355 $19.99
  Details: OD Size:.0355"/.90mm, Braided Line Sizes:#60 to #130
917013 XLarge Loop Splicing Needle - Model: LS0650 $20.99
  Details: OD Size:.650"/1.65mm, Braided Line Sizes:#300 and up
917017 XSmall Loop Splicing Needle - Model: LS0250 $20.99
  Details: OD Size:.025"/.635mm, Braided Line Sizes:#50 to #60