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McMurdo Fastfind Max-G

McMurdo Fastfind Max-G

The McMurdo Fastfind Max-G is boundary-breaking with integral 12 channel GPS. It has a minimum 48 hour operational battery life from activation, and operates at temperatures as low as -20°C. With its extremely attractive price tag, the MAX G is the latest addition to the popular Fastfind range of McMurdo PLBs. The PLBs are designed to be carried by individuals as a safeguard against life threatening incidents that could occur anywhere in the world. Whether alone, in a group, on holiday, at work, carrying out your sport or hobby, if you ever find yourself in a remote area, land, sea or air, without any other form of communication, the Fastfind MAX comes into its own. Once activated it transmits a unique identification signal along with your current position via the international search and rescue satellite system operated by COSPAS SARSAT on 406 MHz. The signal is then quickly passed to regional search and rescue authorities who can rapidly get to the scene. Fastfind MAX battery packs have a 5yr storage life and are easily user-replaceable. All Fastfind models have a unique discreet antenna deployment system with a simple three-stage, manual operation to prevent any risk of accidental or false activation. In its stored state, the antenna is completely hidden from view and fully protected against rough handling. Once deployed, the antenna automatically springs into the optimum position ready for use. Fastfind MAX G’s integral 12 channel GPS navigation receiver gives a typical positional accuracy of +/- 62 metres and new position updates every 20 minutes, significantly reducing the normal search area down from a 28sq nm area, when given a clear view skyward. It also has a visual indication of GPS position acquisition. Carrying the Fastfind could not be simpler. It is supplied with a strong but flexible lanyard cord and a smart carry pouch so you can keep it with you at all times. The Fastfind MAX range of PLB products from McMurdo provide professional and recreational mariners, fishermen, light aircraft pilots and those involved in outdoor adventure activities with the very best chance of being found without delay in the event of an emergency. Features include: Compact/lightweight, 48hr battery, Waterproof to 10 metres and buoyant, Global emergency alerting via COSPAS-SARSAT satellites, Typical alert to rescue services 3 mins, High accuracy 406 MHz alert transmitter, 121.5 MHz homing signal, Simple three stage activation, Automatic discrete antenna deployment, User replaceable battery packs, 5yr battery storage life, Internationally type approved, Carry pouch and lanyard included, and Inbuilt 12 channel GPS.

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620029 McMurdo Fastfind Max-G $599.99