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Royal Polaris Report Sunday Feb 19, 2012

Today the tuna did a total about face with their feeding habits. By 4 A.M. we are all red eyed, half asleep, and ready for the early bite. We could have slept in! There was virtually nothing going on with one or two insignificant tuna landed. Wahoo on the other hand, were ravenous today. Maybe it was the incredibly good wahoo steaks we had for dinner last night that inspired us to try extra hard for them, but for the day we wound up with 56, a big number for any trip. A lot were on the small side, but some were those jumbos we've been consistently getting. Late afternoon something very different happened, the tuna bit, at least a little, which just hasn't happened at all until today. Most were a consistent 60 to70 grade, but a few topped the century mark. Both bait and the kite did well, and we wound up with 26 tuna none of which were the mini variety we sometimes saw in the mornings. We have one last day of fishing before it's over and we head for Cabo. We'll still hold out a very slim thread of hope that the big boys give us a farewell party, but no matter what happens, all aboard can use some serious r&r after the hard efforts we've been putting forth. Weather was excellent