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Marlin Casting- Pitch Bait Rods

Back in the 1950's some of the hot rod local marlin fisherman got together and developed specialized rods for casting live baits to tailing, feeding and sleeping marlin.  These rods were in the 7 - 7 1/2' range and were built before composite blanks were even thought of.  The concept was to allow the angler to fill his reel with either monofilament or dacron line and then attach 12-15' of heavier monofilament leader.  The problem came when the angler tried to cast to a billfish, the knot clearance on a normal bait rod did not allow the knot from the main line to the leader to pass through the guides smoothly.  Also the small diameter light tips on standard bait rods were too soft to cast the larger baits.
Marlin casting rods of today have evolved from the original rods.  Large oversize guides, specialized large ring tops, ringed roller tops and rod blanks specially designed for this purpose.
We currently build 2 series of Billfish Casting rods at Anglers Center, as well as, many custom versions.
Our basic Billfish Casting Rods are built on E Glass Fiberglass blanks and use Fuji Hardoloy rod guides.
Our Deluxe Billfish Casting Rods are built on Graphite Composite rod blanks and feature Fuji Silicone Carbide rod guides for reduced line wear.  Included in this series are 50 and 80# rods which are designed for presenting baits to Broadbill Swordfish that are found up on the surface.