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Shoot out in Cabo- The real story

08 Nov 2011
The Real Skinny on the Weekend Shoot ‘em Up Nearly all of the violence we read about in Mexico is due to turf wars between gangs of drug movers. Drug movers move loads of drugs in bulk, north to the United States. And, of course, counter to what the Mexican government says about only Gringos being consumers of drugs, those gangs, or cartels, also fight for exclusive rights to retail sales of drugs on their hard fought for turf right here in Mexico. But what about the police who are killed in [Read more]

Royal Polaris arrives on the Hurricane Bank

14 Nov 2011
The Royal arrived on the Hurricane bank this morning.  They group is the annual Harold Davis charter.  Should hear from the boat later today on how day 1 went.... [Read more]

Red Rooster, American Angler & Royal Polaris in the lower zone

17 Nov 2011
The Red Rooster, American Angler and the Royal Polaris are having good trips down in the lower zone around Clairion and the Hurricane Bank.  The RR and AA are fishing Clairion while the RP is out at the bank.  The Rooster has their big fish at 245 with a good 150# average.  The RP has been on the Hurricane for a few days now and has had decent yellowfin tuna fishing.  The first couple of days, they fought the wind, but yesterday it backed off and conditions improved. [Read more]

Commercial Market Squid Fishery to close Nov 18th

17 Nov 2011
The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) will close the commercial fishery for market squid, Loligo (Doryteuthis) opalescens, on Friday, Nov. 18 at noon. Based on landings information and projections, DFG has determined that the season’s harvest limit of 118,000 short tons of market squid will be reached by that date.The squid fishing season runs from April through the following March of each year, meaning the fishery will remain closed through March 31, 2012. Market squid remains the state’s largest and [Read more]

Excel finds good signal of cows in the lower bank zone

18 Nov 2011
The Excel pulled into the lower bank region yesterday, had a good day of Dorado fishing and conditions look good for the Tuna too.  They wound up with about 6 of the nicer grade Yellowfin, largest topping out at 212 lbs.  Reports from the Revillas and Hurricane were scratchy, hope to get a better signal from those boats today. [Read more]

Excellent Fishing for the Royal Polaris at Hurricane Bank

18 Nov 2011
The Royal Polaris had good fishing on the cows yesterday and has 18 fish on the deck so far today.  The 17th they had 36 of the big tuna hit the deck, with 5 fish breaking the 200# mark.  Of the 18 for early today the big one will go 240-250#'s.  They said there are very few fish under 140#'s for their trip so far...  time to pack up and go tuna fishing! [Read more]

RP Plugged and headed home early

18 Nov 2011
The Royal Polaris left the Hurricane bank today, headed home early from their trip because the boat is full. Filled to the hatches, no more room.  The RP finished up the day today with 20 more of the big yellowfin tuna, 6 of them in the 200+ range. Frank said the next 2 trips will be headed back to the Hurricane and both trips have at least one opening. [Read more]

Hurricane Kenneth forms in Eastern Pacific

21 Nov 2011
Hurricane Kenneth is building in the Eastern Pacific, forecasters say it will increase in strength over the next 36 hours and continue on its WNW track, then start to diminish as it reaches cooler water. National Hurricane Center [Read more]

Black Friday - Cyber Monday

23 Nov 2011
Be sure to visit the site on Friday morning for some Black Friday killer deals on tackle, gear and clothing. [Read more]

Mass Exodus of Long Range Boats

25 Nov 2011
The Royal Polaris pulled away from the dock yesterday on their annual Thanksgiving trip, ahead of the mass exodus today, of a good part of the San Diego long range fleet.  Eight boats are scheduled to depart today, and the Polaris Supreme is holding off until the 29th to get a few more days alone after most of the boats have started their return to San Diego.  We will be keeping track of the fishing, so check our reports over the days ahead. [Read more]